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Are your kids afraid of green monsters!?


So it is the oxygen mask theory, and I know you’ve heard it a million times. The whole idea about if you take care of yourself, you’ll be able to take care of your kiddos. But, this is one area where I see the trickle down effect of my good choices immediately.

And you know how everyone says breastmilk is liquid gold — and the very best thing you can give your baby? Well, the green monster is the best thing you can give your kids! And believe it or not, I bet you can get almost any kiddo excited about drinking it!

First, get them involved. Take them to the store (or the Farmer’s Market) with you. Let them pick out the biggest carrot, the prettiest bunch of parsley, the craziest looking ginger root.

Help them make their own. When I fire up the juicer, the girls love to gather around and throw in the veggies (with help and supervision, of course) and watch the juice come out each little squirt at a time.

An orange is our secret ingredient. Once my juice is done, I put it aside and then I add an entire orange to each of the girls glasses. This sweetens it right up and makes it much more drinkable for them.

Serve it small & cold. I don’t give them a big huge glass — even a shotglass full is better than nothing! And pour it over lots of ice! Drink up! YUM!


Too cold to exercise outside? Have a dance party!


I wrote recently about our 20-minute per day walks. (There is also a sight & sounds of nature printable if you are interested). But, we stay inside if it is under 20 degrees. And today is one of those days (brrrr!) It is 19 degrees today! And windy so it feels even colder than that. (Have I mentioned that I am ready for winter to be over!?)

So, the plan today is for an after-school dance party! It is such a simple idea but the girls LOVE it! Just turn up the music (LOUD!) and dance, jump, and spin around the room! Now moms (and dads!) are supposed to dance, too. So, jump right in…and get at least 20 minutes!

And if you start having dance parties regularly you can even involve the kids in developing dance party themes! Here are a few to get you started:

• love songs in February

• country music two-step dancing

• a favorite movie soundtrack for the Oscars

• Beach Boys music and put on swimsuits and pretend it is summer

A food pyramid we can get on board with!


Lately I’ve been really interested in anti-inflammatory foods. With Posey’s intestinal inflammation (which we really do not know is IBD, but she seems to respond really well to Sulfasalazine, a drug typically used for IBD) and for my own health, I did a little research.

I came across Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory food pyramid. I love the really specific, yet really doable and understandable information. The online pyramid is interactive, but there is also a printable version. And we already know how much I LOVE printables! I am putting one right on my fridge! (Next to Posey’s weekly Take Your Medicine Chart, of course!)

It really leans toward a largely plant-based diet, which I’ve been transitioning to over the past couple of years. Posey has always leaned vegetarian, too. (Millie and her daddy still like their meat, though!) So that’s another nice thing about Dr. Weil’s chart — there is room for a couple of chicken or meat servings a week. And even more room for fish. I think it is something our family can subscribe to. What about you?

Hi, I’m Posey’s Mommy

Hi, I’m Patricia! I’m Posey & Millie’s mom (all names have been changed to protect the sassy & somewhat innocent). Over the years, we’ve had health challenges with the girls. Some heartbreaking, some frustrating, and all took me by surprise! Several years ago I went to lunch with a friend and her daughter. The little girl had a peanut allergy and wore a medical alert bracelet. I remember so distinctly feeling sorry for her. It was only a few months after that lunch that Posey had her first taste of a cashew nut. Disaster. The anaphylactic reaction that followed set off a whole new normal for our family…and it has been quite an adventure ever since! We’ve also dealt with GI issues, and now our latest: asthma. And I’ve said time and time again: I should’ve gone to medical school! I love researching the latest and greatest information on Posey’s challenges. I am keenly curious about how diet plays into childhood disease. Why are allergies and other ailments are on the rise? How do I protect Posey from too much prodding and poking. And how do I work with the medical community when mommy’s instincts are hard to explain? How can I ensure Posey’s childhood is happy and productive and that people (like me) don’t ever pity her or feel sorry for her situation?

One of the hardest things about having a kiddo with medical challenges is thinking you’re the only one. I mean, all the other children can just pop into an ice cream shop and order whatever they want, right? And no one else needs a star chart to keep track of daily medicines! And you must be the only one who has ever been blown off by a doctor who can’t see your child’s pain. But, I know there are other parents out there! I cannot be the only one up at night, tossing and turning, wondering if you’ve done enough? I know that all parents of children with allergies, asthma, celiac, diabetes, arthritis, Crohn’s, and everything else kids deal with on a day-to-day basis have felt the way I do.

I am here to tell you: yes, you’re doing a great job! Your kids are great, too. You are the super moms (and dads!) of super hero kids! And together, we can do what we could never do alone. Thank you for coming! Posey says thanks, too!