A food pyramid we can get on board with!


Lately I’ve been really interested in anti-inflammatory foods. With Posey’s intestinal inflammation (which we really do not know is IBD, but she seems to respond really well to Sulfasalazine, a drug typically used for IBD) and for my own health, I did a little research.

I came across Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory food pyramid. I love the really specific, yet really doable and understandable information. The online pyramid is interactive, but there is also a printable version. And we already know how much I LOVE printables! I am putting one right on my fridge! (Next to Posey’s weekly Take Your Medicine Chart, of course!)

It really leans toward a largely plant-based diet, which I’ve been transitioning to over the past couple of years. Posey has always leaned vegetarian, too. (Millie and her daddy still like their meat, though!) So that’s another nice thing about Dr. Weil’s chart — there is room for a couple of chicken or meat servings a week. And even more room for fish. I think it is something our family can subscribe to. What about you?


4 thoughts on “A food pyramid we can get on board with!

  1. optimalhealth4kids

    That’s a great resource, thanks for putting up the food pyramid….. I hope things are going well for Posey? My niece was diagnosed with IBD and after a lot of investigating, (removing various foods from her diet) she was found to have an allergic reaction to milk, once that had been removed from her diet her IBD symptoms disappeared within a few months.

    1. poseyplays Post author

      Wow, that is so interesting! I wonder if she was ever tested for a traditional (IgE-mediated) allergy to milk? Or if it was more of an intolerance? We are doing more allergy testing later this month so maybe we’ll discover something else? Thanks for coming by the blog!


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