poseyHi, I’m Posey! I love to play. I am a super-imaginative 5 year-old-girl who loves to sing, dance, and make up really long stories with funny endings and silly characters. I want to be just like my big sister, Millie. She is 7 and is the smartest person in our house. My dog Oscar is cute and I snuggle him all the time, even though he follows my mom all over the house. My daddy is so funny and he makes me laugh everyday. I especially love the silly voices he uses when he reads my bedtime stories every night. My mommy takes care of all of us. She is writing this blog about kids like me. Kids who take medicines everyday, kids with epi pens and inhalers, kids with special diets and rules about food. She says wants to help moms and dads of kids who have lots of doctor visits, pokes and procedures. Kids who are regular, happy kids who also live with things like asthma, diabetes, eczema, Crohn’s, allergies, celiac, arthritis, and anything else that turns moms (and dads!) into super moms (and dads) of really great kids who are superheros. I don’t think I’m any different than any other kids I know! My mom says taking care of yourself and working toward better health can be fun! I think it’s awesome you’re here!


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